Students need to enhance their science theoretical knowledge by practically applying the same and studying the results. Therefore, labs are important in technical and scientific education. Pandemic has played havoc with student’s learning journey. Trust the faculty to still come up with innovative ideas to teach on an online tutoring platform.

Professors in engineering and natural sciences set up a remotely controlled lab equipment and shipped supply kits to students’ homes. Programmers created an ‘Automatic Control Systems’ and made teams of students to remotely control robotic mechanisms. Experiments were carried out by the students remotely. Zoom’s breakout room Share screen etc features were also used to coordinate with the teaching assistants. 

Instructors of cellular and molecular biology packed and shipped lab kits to their students. Some changes were made to the curriculum keeping in mind the return of normal circumstances. Emphasis was made on the thought process of what would happen before the students got their hands on the equipment. 

For some subjects, tutors partly recorded the lecture and partly delivered it virtually. Simple digital tools like surveys etc kept the students and faculty informed. The students too gave their inputs as to how practical classes could be made more effective, thus, keeping them engaged and also enjoying the process. 

 Source: Princeton edu news