Blogs are very popular now so a lot of people are aware of them but it was 1994 when they were first introduced. A social media tool to share your ideas, opinions, and views to engage with the audience in a conversation. It can be about anything but that doesn’t mean it’s only meant for non-academic spaces. In fact, blogs are helpful for innovative teacher who is interested in enhancing their students’ communication skills and increasing their investment in learning. 

Whether you are teaching offline, online or in a hybrid situation, reading blogs and using them in the classroom can help students write, cultivate deeper engagement with concepts and encourage them to express ideas. Without further ado, let’s see why teachers should read blogs.

Explore concepts and ideas together

As a teacher, you might have seen a hesitation or unwillingness in students to participate in debates. This happens due to a couple of reasons but we’re not going to go into each of them, only what’s relevant to what we’re covering. For anyone to speak something of relevance on any topic, they require clarity, knowledge and the ability to look at a subject from different angles. But how can a teacher nurture that in a classroom if they’re not reading up on different things themselves? 

Blogs are bites of knowledge, facts and perspectives just like newspapers are a daily dose of current affairs. Reading them will allow your students to think of ways to express their views and ideas. It will make their minds move back and forth to come up with a better way of sharing information. Both teachers and students get to explore concepts through new lenses.

Students communicate better when the teacher does

Just because a teacher’s job is to teach well doesn’t mean they don’t have areas to improve. We’re all humans and we are on a journey together where we keep learning. Blogs improve your creativity and vocabulary which helps you be a better communicator and a speaker. The stronger your grasp on not only the concept you’re teaching but also the language, the clearer students’ minds will be.

Command on language might not be a do-or-die thing but it does wonders for you and the people around you. Because that’s how you communicate ideas, express opinions and connect with other humans in general. It’s a basic life skill that comes in handy in any area of life really. Blogs can teach you all of that. It’s like an exercise for your brain, thoughts, opinions and perspective.

Help your students be more confident

If you talk to people who read and write blogs, they will tell you the critical changes in the way they think and communicate. Your connection to your inner thoughts and the outside world deepens. Since your understanding of various subjects gets richer, you are more confident to share and talk about those topics. 

Teachers can use blogs to boost their students’ confidence levels. Reading and writing blogs help students find their voice in a world full of different opinions. 

Confidence is a magic wand. If you grow into it and learn how to use that magic wand everywhere you go, you will achieve more than you normally do. This is not an overstatement. One of the best gifts you can give your students is confidence. Only blogs can’t do that but they will definitely be monumental in taking your students to the next level.