With the rise in internet-based learning, online tutoring has become a popular option for students all over the world. Students and tutors both benefit from online tutoring since they may learn and teach from the convenience of their own homes.

But many times, it has been seen that students get confused between whom to prefer for tutoring, freelance tutors (residing in the local area) or online tutoring (living in another part of the world).

Generally speaking, both have pros and cons, freelance tutors can visit you in person and explain the query thoroughly. They can also help you with other subjects. But in the case of online tutoring, the tutors need to use visuals to make you understand the concept and also teach you only the assigned subject—one major difference between freelance tutors and online tutors. 

But, seeing the present situations, leaving homes is not a vital option; hence online tutoring comes in handy. 

A major factor contributing to online tutoring’s success is the cheaper cost of tutoring. Tutors were previously only available to people who lived close to the student. With online tuition, however, the tutor can now be located anywhere in the world.

Freelance tutoring: Who are they? Tutors who work on a freelance basis. 

The majority of tutors post their availability in tutor directories. Tutors with their own websites are uncommon because of the expenditures required. Those who have their own websites and can thus make themselves available on the internet are likely the greatest candidates for online tutoring. They mix the best of online tutoring and provide students with ongoing, helpful, and specialized learning support.

Tutoring Companies: Reliable & Offers Comprehensive Approach

Though freelance tutoring is fine, tutoring companies are considered to be a more reliable approach.


  • The first and foremost option to go for tutoring companies is that you will be getting the chance to study with skilled and experienced, and professional tutors- who are masters in their field.
  • You will be getting the notes or book resources of some of the best tutors available.
  • You can study as per your availability and time.
  • Online tutors are available all the time to help you, whether it’s the last-minute exam query or to boost your confidence. They motivate you and always do their best to bring out the best version of yours. 
  • Unlike freelance tutoring, whether you are bearing the commute cost of yours or the tutor, in online tutoring, there are no transportation hurdles.

Moving forward, how should I contact tutoring companies? There are plenty?

Don’t worry; at Mytutorhub, you can get in touch with plenty of tutoring companies or online tutors, irrespective of their location.

MytutorHub is an online tutoring platform that allows you to connect with tutors, be it a 1:1 meeting or if you have a general query related to subjects. We typically provide instruction in a wide range of areas, allowing students to get help in any subject they wish. This is in keeping with the culture of having all tutoring things available under one roof.

However, choosing the correct Online Tutor, on the other hand, might be tricky. 

It’s a good idea to check out the tutor’s credentials and experience. However, before deciding on a tutor, the student should request a Free Demo Session; that option is available on Mytutorhub.

Almost all instructors provide an introductory demo session in order to communicate with the student. This gives the student a chance to assess the tutor firsthand, and if he finds him suitable, he can interact with him to complete his timetable.

With Mytutorhub you can filter down the educators depending on their location, subject, qualification and many other perspectives.

In the end, most online tutoring companies have a ‘preferred tutor’ system in some form or another, the availability of the chosen tutor cannot be guaranteed if a large number of students book the teacher. 

Hence, to all students, act fast and think wisely before choosing the tutor for your learnings. Your future is in your hands; shine bright.