Education has taken a completely new turn, keeping this pandemic in mind. This brings most of the teachers teaching online and students studying online. This also means that most of the parents are working from home. 

Keeping this situation in mind, online tutoring is an excellent way for parents to keep an eye on their children’s education. While this process may sound like a perfect opportunity for parents to know and be more involved in the whole process, it can be tiring as well. Here are some top tips for parents that help them in dealing with children and their online classes. 

  • Create an environment best suited for effective learning: It is no lie that children tend to miss their school and classmates. Having that perfect environment at home may not sound viable. Parents can keep in mind that just like they have a workstation, they can implement the same for their children when they get a calm environment. Parents can ensure that the child has all the available tools they need, such as a desk, chair, notebooks, stationery. The most important part is to make sure that the child is organized. Keeping the space clean and organized helps in making sure that all the necessary documents are kept together. It avoids forming a mess. Also, parents must ensure that the children keep moving after sometimes to provide some movement. Parents can set up parental control to ensure that the child uses the internet and devices for the best use. 


  • Set time for screen: Balance is the key for everything. In the case of online and offline activities as well. Make sure that children are on the internet only for a limited period. Ensure that they continuously involve themselves in some physical activities. Also, spending family time together is a must. Small efforts can make a huge difference, such as eating a meal together or having no device usage room while eating or sitting together with family. 


  • Setting a routine- Consider having a routine for the child, just like they had a routine when they went to school. Having a proper schedule/timetable can make a huge difference. There should be a fixed time for waking up, having breakfast, going to bed, studying, playing. These efforts and little things go a long way and can help a child develop soft skills which are helpful in their personal and professional life. 


  • Encourage children and their efforts: Little gestures to let your child know that their actions are counted can make a huge difference. When children go to school, their efforts are counted by the teachers, but when during online tutoring, parents wear the teacher’s shoes. When children present you with their work, do give them feedback instead of a compliment. Detailed feedback lets them understand what they do better and how they can improvise. 


  • Taking care of yourself: Taking care of one’s self is of the utmost importance. While it may sound like a standard tip, it is essential to take care of one’s emotional, mental, physical, and ritual needs. It is crucial to take out time for yourself and give yourself a break at times. Do activities or involve yourself in things that you enjoy and that make you happy. 


Source: EdTechReview