Education technologies are becoming a new trend. From mobile devices to wireless technologies for communication and sharing information, we have access to everything nowadays. Many of us are well trained at using these technologies and are aware of the do’s and don’ts. 

A shift towards online tutoring and mobile learning has begun, and in the coming years, it will only increase. The ongoing pandemic has resulted in online tutoring and learning come together. It can be challenging to adapt to this change, and it can be overwhelming as well. For tutors, Here are the top 5 ways of teaching online through a mobile:

  • Online chatting and discussion forums: When it comes to mobile teaching, the chat feature comes in extremely handy. It helps us create an online discussion forum, which can encourage students to participate actively and learn different topics. Students can also ask their questions to enhance discussion and better hold various issues and concepts.


  • Free and accessible features– Mobile devices make not only learning enjoyable but there are several features that themselves are interesting. There are several free polling tools and quizzes, which can help a tutor know what a student knows and which areas the students need to focus on. Tools that assist in conducting quizzes can be a great source of knowing every student’s strengths and weaknesses. A tutor can always provide ways or advice to every student for them to improvise further. 


  • Easy tracking of a student’s progress: Every teacher wants their student to excel and give their best in whatever they do. Mobile devices are a great help here because they have tools that help track a student’s performance. This way, the teacher can have a different learning plan for every student to help individually based on where they need to improve. Teachers can also record a video on the lesson that they teach, which has the advantage of being accessible by students anytime they want. 


  • Ease of recording audio or video: We all learn differently. Some people can grasp information and learning quickly, whereas some may take some time. Everyone learns differently. Mobile learning is very effective because not only does it let us know from audio-recording, but we can also learn by watching videos. Learning through audio or visually, we have both options.


  • Have your goals set– Just like we set goals before starting anything huge or new, and we need to set goals before facilitating mobile learning. Knowing the learners, understanding their expectations, and most importantly, knowing how quickly they will be able to grasp or learn and if they have access to mobile learning are ways that can help you set your goals. 

Source: EdTechReview