COVID 19 brought everyone’s life to near standstill. Abrupt shifts had to be made to work from home. Schools faced challenges in online tutoring and children and parents were equally clueless about how things will move forward. 

Parents had the extra pressure to keep their children engaged particularly of the younger children. Distance learning activities can involve live classes by teachers or digital learning material be given to parents to work through with their children. Sharing some suggestions that can help children remain focused and engaged during this difficult time. 

Virtual tutoring means increased screen time for all students. Older children can handle longer screen time. It would be nice if school can provide some guidelines as to what would be a reasonable screen time. For younger children, interaction and play would be more valuable for learning. 

Identify what works best for your child. Does he prefer to respond to a live instructor or is more comfortable in a one-on-one scenario. Which learning platform engages your child more. All this will help the teacher plan for a learning experience that would work best for your child. 

Younger children got ample opportunities to move in the classroom. While at home, we must allow them time for exercise etc before he/she is expected to focus on distance learning tasks. If you think your child can focus better while standing, then place your computer or tablet on a raised surface. 

A designated workspace devoid of distractions will always work best. 

You may need to adjust your schedule per your child. If you think your child is most attentive at a certain time of the day, take up the difficult and challenging topics with him/her then and reserve the ones which will pass through quickly to a different time. 

Make a checklist of what needs to be done and the child keeps ticking it off once done. A little praise or a reward at the end always helps. 

If at any time you feel your child is not being able to follow instructions or something is becoming challenging, slow down or give him a break and take up the topic later.

As soon as your child completes any task through distance learning instruction, give instant positive feedback. Something as simple as a star or a sticker is really motivating.  

Source: John Hopkins School of Education