Want to become an animator by profession? Make your math fundamentals strong. All the characters, their movements, the way they speak and the exotic background you will be creating will be a combination of polygons and formulas. The computer graphics created will have simplified math solutions hidden underneath. 

The following three major concepts will create the base for many cartoon and animated films-

Coordinate Geometry

The positions of the moving images are determined by using coordinate geometry. You will be required to define the x and y coordinates for positioning of the images. For example if the character is going straight you will start at x=1 and give the formula for the next position as x+2 and so on but at the same time keep your Y coordinate constant. So the moving images are actually just shifting from one position to another. 


You will need to apply your trigonometry knowledge to make your character jump and roll in the air. Rotation of any object will require you to set a central point and then change angles associated with it. 


Graphic designers are not expected to draw and sketch all the different expressions of a character again and again. One image is made and mid-points are defined. Join them till you get the required look. 

So, math does matter! If you too are keen on taking up making animation films as a career, it will be a good idea to look for someone who is teaching math online in COVID times. 

Source: EdTech Review