It may be quite some time before schools will start to function normally. Online is the new medium of education. Online classes create major opportunities for teachers as well. 


 Networking among the tutors is no longer bound by the physical boundaries. 

Passion-Based Learning

Teaching is a passion for many. At times, certain responsibilities, curriculum or job demands can restrict teachers from sharing certain topics or knowledge with students within the school hours. Online tutoring will make this possible. Students who are looking for such online tuitions or study material can connect from any part of the world. This arrangement can be beneficial both for students and teachers. 


Students and teachers both look forward to summer and winter breaks. Students get to spend time with loved one and can also utilize to catch up with their studies through online tuitions. Online tutoring platforms provide that opportunity. Tutoring students online is also a great way to earn some extra income for the teachers. 

Mastering Diverse Languages

Tutoring students whose first language is not English can be challenging. While interacting with such students the teachers too can learn some keywords and phrases which may come handy one day. 

Moving Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Teaching is a skill which also requires practice. With a school curriculum, teachers are just re-doing lessons, assignments and grading. Teaching outside the confinement of the school classroom and curriculum allows them the much required creative freedom. 

Source: Teach Thought