There is a misconception that teaching is an easy profession. On the contrary it is draining and equally difficult. It required patience, dedication, passion and ability to deliver even with limited resources. Still we see that teachers are committed to their profession because they make a difference in the lives of many. With the schools starting to reopen, the teachers have the added task of toggling between face-to-face and taking online tutoring for kids. Developing a reflective practice could be helpful.

Document your experiences in detail like what really worked during a class, what did the students learn, what skill promoted learning etc  in a journal. It will give you a better understanding on what to focus upon during the classes. If you also happen to take online classes, reflect upon how you can teach the same lesson in the virtual environment with equal success.

Create your own guiding questions based on your observations. The more the questions are related to specific observations the better. Try to rope in a colleague of yours in this process. You could compare your teaching styles. Engage in a thoughtful, honest and focused discussion. You could also brainstorm through the solutions you both might be facing.

Source: Edutopia