The first day of school is always a mixed bag of emotions for children. If you start the session with team-building activities, it will not only relax the students but also help them get to know each other. 

Me Too– Here the first student states a fact about himself like I love to play football or I have a pet cat etc. If the statement or fact is true to another student in the class, they say “Me too”. This game can be played by students of any grade. 

Park Bench- Ideal for students of grade 6 and above. Place two chairs adjacent to each other. Two students get to act out ‘what happened’ in a fictional news story within a specified time period without saying anything. 

Fact or Fiction- Ideal for grade levels 3 and above. Make the students sit in a circle. One child states two facts and one fiction about himself. The others have to guess which are facts and which is fiction. The child who gets it right goes next. 

Green Door- Students of grade 5 and above can play this game. The leader decides upon a topic which the other students have to guess. The leader will start the conversation by saying ‘You can bring a _________ through the green door’. Students now have to deduce the topic by asking more questions like ‘can I bring _______ through the green door’ and the leader can only reply in affirmative or negative. 

One Minute Talk- Ideal for grade 5 and above. Students have one minute to talk on any topic of their choice or given by the teacher. The rest of the students can say if they could relate to the topic and share any life experiences. 

I Never- Even kindergarten students can play this game. A student says something about what they have never done before. A student who has done it steps briefly into the center and shares the experience. 

Magic Ball- Ideal for students of all ages.  Students stand in a circle. The first student has an imaginary magic ball in his hand. He then gives an imaginary shape to the ball and hands it over to the next student. The ball gets passed from one student to another in silence. Whosoever talks or makes a noise is disqualified. At the end of the game students have to guess what the sculpture was. 

When some fun element is added to teaching it is called 

The above can also be adapted to your virtual tutoring classes.

Source: teachthought