In today’s world, no one can rely on one source of income. To sustain life needs and fulfill our basic requirements, one needs to look out for different sources of income. 

In the education sector, which is always a high competitor market, teachers can’t rely on only school or college income, as they would like to earn a little extra each month for the necessities in life. 

In such cases, online classes become the foremost choice of teachers to generate a passive income every month.

Yes, online classes are far superior and the most effective way to earn money in today’s time. 

So, if you are a teacher and looking to generate passive income, but now knowing how to start with these online classes, then not to worry; this article will brief you on that. 

However, there are numerous ways to convey a subject, ranging from PowerPoint presentations to video lectures, audio recordings, and visual representations, and you can use any or all of them, depending on your students’ needs.

Let’s delve into it.

To start your journey as an online tutor, the first thing you need is a platform where you can connect with students, upload study materials, conduct exams and do all other essential things as you do in a traditional classroom; in simple words, you need tutoring software.

What is the role of tutoring software in online classes?

Tutoring software plays an important role in teaching online; all the things we have mentioned above, from taking exams to uploading books, can easily be taken care of with tutoring software. 

With Mytutorhub, tutoring software starts your journey as an online teacher. Visit our website. 

  • Register yourself as a teacher, 
  • Fill in all the necessary asked details,
  • Give an introduction about yourself,
  • Select the courses that you think you can teach best,
  • Upload some study material or courses,
  • Interact with students,
  • If required, you can connect with their parents too, 
  • Upload genuine testimonial (matters the most)
  • Drop your social media handles,
  • And you are all set to take your first online class.

Managing your online class with Mytutorhub is straightforward and hassle-free. The navigation is easy to understand. With the demo session, you will be able to clear all your doubts and concerns.

The teaching process with us is the best thing you can do to build your future.

Moving to the next important steps:

How to make money with online teaching?

You are a teacher, so obviously you must be having courses, books, or advanced researched papers that are useful to students, so once you get a good bunch of students in your class, explain to them about your course and study materials, how helpful it will for their subject and how these researched papers will help them in the future. 

You have to be a little clever when it comes to selling your courses to students; chances are you may need to provide them with the first chapter free of cost to let them assure that this subject material is helpful to them.

Another monetization approach is a subscription-based business strategy. If your viewers enjoy your content, they can pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee to access your website or content portal. You can offer discounts, for example, the subscription package for your visuals, 20% off for the first three months, and so on. 

Ask them to refer your courses to their friends or circulate in their other sections; the more the students get to know about your course, the more chances they will interact with you, the more sales you do. 

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