The sudden switch in the mode of teaching has put extra pressure on teachers. Monitoring students in an online environment, following up on late submissions, making sure students are accessing material correctly, learning how to use technology and determining what will work best for students has taken a tremendous toll on them. They now need to plan their time more efficiently. The following suggestions may be helpful-

Organizing Tasks

Make a weekly schedule. You can label/organize the tasks per their priority. This will surely help you stay organized and use your time wisely. Preferably do the most complex tasks when you are at your best. For most this could be their morning time. At the end of the week re-visit the sheet to see what all was accomplished and what needs to be carried forward to the next.

Plan for Breaks

Planned breaks are more productive than unplanned ones. There may be times when you would need to go on a break unintentionally but do keep a track of time else the unaccomplished task at hand may give you anxiety. 

Say No and Trust

Do not bite off more than you chew. It is nice to be helpful but at times it better to say no than sulk later. Afterall you will be compromising on your commitments.  If you are the type who likes to do everything yourself, learn to trust others and delegate work. 

Grading Strategically

Create detailed rubrics and use online tools as to how you will grade each assignment beforehand. This will save a considerable amount of your time when you start to grade submissions.  

Source: Edutopia