Amidst this global health crisis, email has become a common mode of communication between students and teachers. Students have lots to ask and teachers have less time to reply to each and every email. The educators are overwhelmed and students feel ignored. 

Digital communication plays an important role in an online learning environment. It would be nice that the tutor sets a prefered mode of communication with the students from day one. Email, text, chat, forum etc. and the time frame within which to expect a reply. 

For older students you could classify questions to a particular topic together in an open forum where others could see and learn too. This will save you from answering the same question again and again to each individual. 

If you are comfortable with sharing your cell number, try texting or messaging platforms. This way you can immediately respond to the most urgent questions from your phone itself. If not, then consider making use of the official messaging options available through your LMS.  

Perhaps you could fix certain days when you will be available to answer the emails and let the students know of the same. This way they will be aware as to when to expect an answer. 

Source: Tech Learning