You have made the course, but don’t know how to proceed further?

This article will guide you with the process of selling your online courses at a first phase. 

Identifying the course topic:

It shouldn’t be difficult to come up with a topic for your course. If you’re not sure what to teach, step back and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I having the expert knowledge for creating this online course?
  • Were my information or the course liked by the students.

Once you get the knowledge of these things, you will be able to market it easily. 

Research is vital:

You’re ready to start researching once you’ve decided on a topic. You can do your research both online and offline. Start with your own materials, academic and professional literature on the subject, competitor research, and other free and paid web resources.

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The Next Step: Create an online content:

You’ll need a variety of media productions for your course, depending on the course plan and the activities you’ve scheduled. Experienced teachers and instructors can simply build a course from the ground up. However, repurposing your old content is the greatest way to start your online academy.

Of course, you can easily produce fresh stuff. Although creating educational videos takes time, it is currently the most popular and sought-after sort of online learning.

Now, it’s time to learn how to sell your online course with us.

  • The first thing you need to do is to understand what the students are looking for and then create your course accordingly. 
  • If your course is suitable for the students, they definitely come back and back. 
  • You have to do some research and need useful resources while making your course.
  • Make sure your course aligns with the needs of the students.  
  • Your sales page should be creative and having CTA (Call-to-action words)

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For example, Powerful words you can use include:

  • Join
  • Get
  • Buy
  • Now
  • Try

“Get the only course and improve your Grammar.”


“Join the training program and be fit in 6 weeks.”

Your CTA should be the catalyst for a good sales page. 

However, choosing on a pricing structure is maybe the most significant aspect of selling your courses. Introducing pricing tiers can help you cater to your consumers’ various needs.

Prepare a good package:

Before dropping down the random price for your online course, study at what price your competitors are offering. If they are offering a better offer than you, chances you might lay behind.


  • Offer discounts and set prices as monthly. 
  • Make your first online course for 3days free, a thrilling way to attract many customers
  • Publish a video. Introduce yourself and give a brief description of what your online course is about? 
  • Offer free PDF-downloads
  • If you recommend a friend of yours, you will be getting 30% off. 

Offers and discounts are one sound way to attract students and make your online courses sell faster. 

In general, you have two pricing options: one-time and recurring. The first option allows students to pay in full or in instalments to gain access to your course. The second option is the most profitable for online educators, as students pay on a weekly or monthly basis.

Quick recap:

Steps to selling your online courses:

  • A successful course always begins with a fantastic title. We should write it down as the first rule if it isn’t written somewhere else. 
  • The title of your course’s headline, and is perhaps the most significant part of it.
  • Promo offers
  • Create a descriptive and informative sales page
  • Publish a video about yourself
  • Show some testimonials 
  • Don’t forget to promote it on your social media


I hope this article has given you all the information related to selling your online courses. If there is anything left, drop your suggestions.