By now we all know that eLearning is the only way to continue education after the schools had to be shut down. Although the mode of schooling has changed but the students still need to be moderated for a productive class.  

How can you keep an online classroom in order

During online tutoring, students communicate through texts and audio/video mediums. Therefore, just as in a physical classroom certain online etiquettes have to be followed. Online communication tends to become informal so it is important that certain boundaries are fixed. Students need to be careful how they communicate with their teachers. They need to follow netiquettes that will teach them to be respectful, polite, formal, organized, professional and responsible in their communication as they grow up. They should use proper salutations during the beginning and at the end of the communication. 

Do not assume everyone understands where you are coming from    

Adding humour in the conversation always keeps the listener engaged. However, due to inability to see the body language and other vital clues, the text message can be misinterpreted. So, students must review what they have written before posting in an online class as their co-students may belong to varied backgrounds, lifestyles and geographical locations. Use of emoticons will help in conveying the feelings especially if you are adding a fun element to the text. 

Protect Your Personal Information

 The Internet is a public domain so one needs to be extremely careful while sharing any information online especially anything that is personal and can put your safety to risk. Similarly, other’s privacy has to be respected too and do not share anything about them without permission. 

Keep Your Answers Short  

In digital communication it is preferred to keep your answers short and to the point. 

Be Courteous

Be respectful and courteous in your interactions with others when online. If you raise your hand, wait for the teacher to address your issue. Use ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ wherever appropriate. Address the teachers and other students respectfully. Do not use upper case in your text as it is considered as shouting and can be misinterpreted. 

Be on Time and Organize your Learning Environment

Punctuality is one trait appreciated whether taking an online class or offline. Before you join the class, all the necessary software should be downloaded, microphone, camera etc should be working properly and your device connected to the internet. All other applications open your computer should be closed to avoid distractions and potential glitches in the system. Keep a notepad, pen, notes, text books etc handy in case you would require them during the class. 

Do not Misuse the Chat Box  

Class chat boxes should not be used like an instant messaging platform nor should you send irrelevant messages to each other on it. 

Submit Files the Right Way and in time

Follow the online assignment submission guidelines provided like naming conventions, file formats etc. This will keep the things organized and much appreciated by the teacher. 

Watch Your Texts 

Choose your words judiciously while drafting your text. Be respectful and polite in your comments even in disagreements.    

Do the Assessments

Do not skip any quiz and tests given by the teacher. It will help you assess your understanding of the topic. 


Source: EdTech Review