“It’s the teacher that makes the Difference, not the classroom” – Michael Morpurg. However, at the same time teaching as a profession is not easy. More so now when there is to be only online tutoring. The following simple ideas may help transform your teaching-

Don’t grade everything-

It is not necessary to give grades every assignment. This can instill fear of failure in your students. Afterall, you only have to assess their level of understanding. 

Keep prioritizing-

Not all students are the same and neither are their understanding abilities. Be clear of how you have to teach your students. You may have to keep changing your methodologies from time to time. Complex topics would require more time and practice. 

School year is a marathon, not a series of sprints-

Do not rush into completing the curriculum. You could think about approaching the topic through themes and projects. 

Adjust your teaching in real-time-

Your teaching should engage students. Their curiosity to acquire knowledge should lead them to learning. 


Source: TeachThought