Welcome to the 21st century of online teaching!

Over the last decade, technology has changed the classroom experience. There was a time when a teacher used to attend 50 students in class, but now managing 20 students has become a task. We got you!!

With each passing year, new and improved teaching and learning devices are introduced to the market. These devices and technologies ease teachers and make them aware of the next-generation capabilities. 

The benefits of using these gadgets are tremendous, from allowing them to increase their productivity to expanding their educational toolkit and experimenting with new and innovative teaching methods.

So, suppose you are new to this online teaching and stuck with which devices to get your hands on. In that case, we tell you about the important gadgets or devices that are of utmost importance for the online classroom. 

These are the must-have gadgets for every online teacher.

Online teaching seems to be easy and comfortable, and why not, no rushing morning hours, no lunchbox packs, and not getting dressed every day… 

High-performance Laptop:


As you are teaching online, then a good laptop with great performance is all you need. There are a few things to consider when purchasing a laptop for online teaching, first is the screen size, second is the operating system and third most important, that the laptop can support high-quality visuals, and last, the data storage. 

Let’s talk briefly about them:

Screen size: You’ll have a choice of screen sizes between 13, 15, and 17 inches, so consider how essential portability is considering your budget too. A larger screen will provide better views if you are just working from home, and moving it about won’t be a problem.

Operating System (OS): When looking for a laptop to teach online, the first criteria to check is the operating system (OS). Microsoft operating systems are quite inexpensive. Microsoft makes it simple to connect your computer to other devices. Whereas Mac OS is quick, safe, produces excellent results, and saves a significant amount of time in basic operations. Chrome OS-based systems are also making a dent in the market, appealing to consumers seeking affordability and value for money.

Display: If you’re teaching online, you’ll need a bigger display. To get the desired result, the resolution should be more than 720 pixels.

Data Storage: Data storage will always be an issue for online teachers. Hence, a Solid State Drive (SSD) is preferred to a Hard Disk Drive (HDD) since it decreases boot time, is also less prone to damage and does not require disk fragmentation. Make sure you’re using cloud storage solutions to protect your important data from accidental loss. Your information is encrypted and kept elsewhere, so even if your device is lost, your data is safe.

RAM (Random Access Memory): Buying a laptop with at least 4GM RAM is beneficial. Because 4 GB of RAM means your laptop works smoothly, as most of the work is online. Or if your budget is good, then considering 16 GB RAM is superficial, a high-speed processing device. 

Some extra essential factors to consider:
  • Two USB ports must be there.
  • Your laptop must have a battery life of 5 to 10 hours.
  • Backlit keyboards make it much easier to operate in low-light conditions.
  • Stylus – helps in the drawing.

Fast, Reliable Internet


The second most important thing that every teacher and student must have to study online is a reliable internet connection.

Generally, it is considered to have a connection of 500 KB to 2Mb per second bandwidth. 

This level of internet speed is recommended for supporting both live chats and the uploading of content and files. If you want to create HD live courses or sessions as part of your online course, choose one larger bandwidth, such as 1.5 Mb per second or greater.

Let’s talk about the other essential factors to consider for the Internet:

LAN cable: If your Wi-Fi signal is poor and you can’t afford to miss a meeting, plug an Ethernet cable straight into the port on your laptop. Sometimes a wired connection is more reliable.

Good ISP: It’s always recommended to opt for the best-in-market Internet company, as they give better support and their connection is fast as compared to other local network operators.

Tip: Many of the times, we have observed that the Wi-Fi connection got tipped while working because of disturbance of other home devices like microwaves, TVs, and other sorts of electronics devices. Hence, it’s advisable to keep your router away from these devices.


One of the most prominent tech tools for online teaching is the webcam. Many laptops have built-in cameras that can be used for discussion. But, if you want better image quality, you can use a secondary webcam.

Look for a webcam that can support a higher resolution of 720p or higher. Consider these points; it will give you a better understanding of how to select the right webcam for your online class.

  • The most popular webcams are Microsoft and Logitech, which are known for their superior quality and standard features.
  • A tripod can assist you in conducting an online class lecture while stepping away from your laptop.
  • The efficiency and performance of your webcam are measured in megapixels, frames per second, and resolution.
  • Opt for a webcam that has more than 30 fps, 2+ megapixels, and at least 640x480p resolution



Choosing a good quality handset is another must-have gadget for online teaching. As you are teaching them online, you don’t want them to repeat every question thrice or the fourth time, so communication between you and your students should be loud and clear. With a nice headset, they will be able to hear you clearly, and you will be able to hear them clearly. 

Things to consider when looking for a headset for your online teaching:

  • Opt for wireless headsets that means you can wear them while taking a standing lecture. 
  • Avoid getting a bulky headset that may irritate you while speaking.
  • Don’t buy the headset because it’s cheap; look for the one that suits your requirements.

Digital Whiteboard:


Thanks to the advancement of technology that means, ease of teaching online, with introducing gadgets like digital whiteboards that comfort the entire online session. 

Researchers found that writing thoughts down while speaking increases brain functioning; students can remember the things for a longer time and make it easier to explain the tough concepts. Digital whiteboards are worth the investment. 

They truly allow you to combine the benefits of visual thinking and communication with the ease of technology. Consider the following while purchasing for a digital whiteboard:

  • A screen, an LCD projector, and a stylus are used for an interactive online whiteboard.
  • The screen is available in front or back projection and ranges in size from 16” to 90” depending on your requirements.
  • Attaching files is possible: For easy reference, you should be able to attach links, pictures, and other things to your whiteboard.
  • To be honest, investing in a high-quality whiteboard. 


If you don’t like to use a headset for your online session, then a speaker might be better. Consider the one that is portable, small, and has Bluetooth connectivity. Last and most important, it can be connected to your Wi-Fi. 

A speaker is an alternative option; using it or not is a personal preference.

Screen Recording Device:

If you are planning to record an online session or just to seed content and lessons, having a screen recorder is a must. 

It also allows you to self-critique your own teaching methods to find out where you need to make improvements.

Choose for that screen Recorder which can connect with your webcam. Prefer the one which gamers use; they offer high-quality. 

Homework/ assignment software:


When you prefer everything modernized, then why not tutoring software. A tutoring software can make your online teaching easy and interactive. 

Online tutoring software like Mytutorhub allows you to hold your online classes, conduct tests, check homework/worksheets, and that’s not all. You can upload your recorded teachings and can also have a 1:1 questionnaire with students. 

Mytutorhub can be your one-stop getaway to all your teaching things, prepare assignments in time, circulate among students, and the best part is that it allows you to communicate with students’ parents.

You can also use this software to create learning games and quizzes to make the homework process more interesting.

When it comes to your learning sessions, you may get students to share and collaborate on projects, offer and receive feedback, comment, discuss, share content, or just hang around.

Wrapping up:

With the right gadgets, you can be the best online teacher. Students are likely to study with you more if you sound clear and use creative ways to explain the concepts. Keep these most important gadgets required for online teaching guides handy if you want to succeed in your career as an online teacher.