Students. Cousins. Friends. Child. Someone we are related to or know about is living in the education space. A space where online learning has been dominating for a while. Change is consistent and after the pandemic, those of us who didn’t board the e-learning train had to. Traditional methods of fee, attendance management, assignment and homework submission, etc. are getting outdated for good reason in a high-tech online setting. Naturally, more and more schools are using LMS (learning management systems) for enhancing the learning experience.

A lot of LMS buyers consider their admins and content developers when it comes to the overall LMS user experience. You should do that but more importantly, it’s your online learners that should be your top priority. 

When a new mother gets external help to cover other aspects of the household, she can focus on the child better. Similarly, when almost all other aspects of classroom management are covered, the teacher can focus on the students and their online learning experience. They can have the mental space to put effort into making the experience engaging and fun. Let’s delve into 3 tips that can help you use LMS to enhance the learning experience for your learners.

Make sure your team is prepared for LMS

If you have worked with a team or managed one, you are aware that not everyone gets on the same page for a new change. Certain members of your team may require more support than others to use the LMS effectively. You can provide them with some resources like how-to videos, pdfs and other training content. You can make it easy for them by sharing bite-sized online videos that cover processes as simple as login.

Test how familiar or comfortable they are with tech

Everyone in your team must belong to different backgrounds and cultures. So their tech experience will not be the same. There will be gaps and to find them out, you need to test their familiarity with learning technologies and not only the LMS. One of the advantages is that you will be able to create unique user profiles so you can customize the LMS user experience for each subset of online learners. No one has to feel excluded.

Incorporate gaming elements into LMS

Online learning can be done in many ways and one of the best, if not the best method, is gamifying the LMS user experience. You can provide them with several online training activities like earning badges, unlocking content on certain levels, etc. These can be interlinked with all online training activities, modules, and courses, improving motivation for students. There are other ways of using technology for learning in school, of course.

Brand your LMS

For improving the LMS user experience, it’s a must that it has your brand on it. The user appreciates a cohesive, consistent and well-organized UX and this helps employees take pride in their work. If you wish to make it more personalized, you can brand your LMS by department or user group.

Run beta test With Online Learners & get feedback

Always remember that your employees and users are in a distinct position to tell what works about the existing system and what does not. So, it is best to run LMS usability beta tests and gather their feedback. This will help you determine what a favourable LMS user experience should look like. You can also ask what kind of tools or platforms they have used in the past, so you can gauge what your audience is looking for.