Maths is the most hated and dreaded subject by most of the students. Maths requires a scientific and logical approach to solve problems. Therefore, it is considered to be a difficult and confusing subject. Fear of mathematics can lead to low levels of confidence in students. Currently it has been seen that this fear has escalated among the children due to online tutoring.

The emphasis on procedure

Arithmetic requires children to engage procedurally which can pose a challenge if they have not comprehended the problem fully. They need to develop a sense of numbers before attempting to work on complex problems. It is seen that it helps to balance the classroom approach to teach mathematics by giving students tangible, engaging and contextual problems while making them understand the fundamental concepts used in the procedure of solving the problem.

The teaching and testing approach

Traditional teaching of maths emphasizes accuracy and speed. This itself is the reason for an  early onset of anxiety among students and then starts the vicious circle of low self-confidence, avoiding the subject and the negative experiences due to Maths. Teachers too struggle with addressing the difficulties of each individual personally. Our classrooms can provide easy access to calculators and computing devices along with a self paced, personalized and adaptive environment to each child to flourish without stress. Active and immediate feedback will help them take remedial steps by themselves.

The adult’s approach to Math

Unknowingly parents tend to pass the fear of Maths to their children. We need to change the narrative around this subject. The focus needs to shift from being difficult, boring and abstract to something that is enjoyable, fun and rewarding. It would be a good idea to integrate online math games where the children would be required to apply the concepts and theories and if you happen to be an online math tutor you too must try introducing engaging online games as an assignment because it may help your students develop their skills through sheer perseverance, grit and determination.

Source: Ed Tech Review