Teaching is a noble profession; an absolute necessity everywhere. But a lot of times, teachers aren’t fairly compensated because of which they have to go that extra mile in their career. Tuitions often turn out to be a better source of income than a school salary. So, it’s natural to figure out other ways to earn and one such source is online teaching jobs. Not only it is convenient, flexible and efficient but it has also proved to be more stable in challenging times like the pandemic. 

The good news is people are willing to pay for your knowledge and skills. Let’s see how teachers can earn through online teaching from the comfort of their homes. 

Know your worth

Online teaching jobs are definitely not “easy money” but before you decide on how much you’re going to charge – Research. The following factors should be considered when you’re planning your pricing structure.

  • Specificity: Play to your strengths. You might be able to teach or have the knowledge of multiple subjects but the more specific and niche your teaching is, the better. People tend to gravitate towards and trust experts or specialists much more.
  • Expertise: Specificity and expertise are a match made in heaven. If you can show your expertise and experience in an area, you can typically charge more than average and people will pay for it. It goes without saying that awards, certificates or a relevant decade-long career would back up your claim and validate authenticity. 
  • Profit Margin: You need to calculate your investment. How much did you have to spend on creating the course? In order for you to maintain a reasonable profit margin, you need to compare how much you have invested and how much you will earn after the investment is covered. 

Earn via subscription

In this age of global digitalization, subscription-based business models are becoming the norm. Someone likes your content and they subscribe to your channel or platform and pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee. In exchange, you provide them full access to your content so they can use it at their convenience. The good thing about this model is that you can have a clear estimation of your income since subscribers are quantifiable. 

Try online tutoring or Sell your course

This constantly shifting online landscape has changed the way people learn, view or consume content. Almost everyone intentionally or unintentionally get their hands on someone’s online content or course at some point in their lives. Selling your course online or online tutoring is the most effective way to increase your student base. 

For selling your course online, first, choose a course that sells, hone in a specific course and create it, get the right gear (good quality camera and microphone) to make that content, pick where you want to host and sell the course online, decide how much you will charge for it, beta test it and launch the course, market and sell your course online, create a buyer’s journey for your online course and get people to purchase and recommend your course in the future. 

If you want to learn more things about online teaching, you can explore some tips on how to find success at teaching with technology.