Many times parents are hesitant to hire private tutors because of a deep rooted belief that tuitions are for academically weak students. Today there are many reasons why parents opt for tutoring their children even if the child is doing well in school. Whatever the reason may be, tutoring does help them strengthen subject comprehension and gain confidence.  

Private tutors can adapt their teaching methods according to your child’s understanding capabilities and learning style.  Such individualized teaching is impractical in a classroom setting. Since tutors will focus on the child’s specific areas, the chances of improving their grades and understanding of the subject matter is significantly high. Learning can actually become interesting with encouragement and praise from the tutor. Improved self-esteem and confidence will encourage him to take more interest in school work.

Studying with fewer students and in a distraction free environment will improve his work and study habits. Your child will soon no longer require your help in completing his school work. He will learn to be personally responsible for his studies.  This will particularly be beneficial to achieve his goal both in and out of school.

Sometimes a child is too shy to ask questions in front of his peers in the classroom but this may not be the case with the tutor. He can freely ask questions big or small without being self-conscious. Tutoring helps under-stimulated children reach their full potential. 

Souce: Oxford Learning