Teaching Physics to students without formal training can be a terrifying idea for any tutor and without a good tutor there are very few takers for the subject. Many times it has been seen that teachers get pulled into taking the subject to cover a class or a section. In such a scenario, a very idea of teaching Physics can give jitters. The following tips will help any science or math teacher to take physics. 

Try to connect with a physics community or a physics teacher in your network you could take help from. Do a thorough research on the available resources. Physics teachers association meets is a great place where one may share research work, teaching ideas besides providing a great networking opportunity. Join ‘Physics’ related groups on social media to start a meaningful conversation around student learning. 

Do not associate Physics with Mathematics. Physics is observation and experimentation in order to discover relationships between variables.Students should be encouraged to describe the phenomena from the evidence observed and drive more questions. 

Since Physics is not your comfort zone, treat it as an opportunity to be a fellow learner along with your students. You will then be more aware of where the students might struggle and why. You can then formulate better strategies to overcome the challenges. 

Lastly, prepare the topic well before you face your students. 

With COVID still challenging the world and you having mastered another subject, it will not be long before you can think of becoming an online Physics tutor too on any reputed online tutoring platform!!

Source: Edutopia