There are a plethora of tutors online, but no educator will guarantee you are completing the student’s homework on time. 

But what if we tell you there is one platform where you can hire tutors depending on the kid’s subject for the homework, explaining the concepts step-by-step?

Sounds fascinating, Right?

Yes, Mytutorhub is one online tutoring platform that allows you to filter down the tutors concerning your students’ subjects. 

Suppose your kid’s physics exam is around the month, and you need someone who can teach him by giving extra time and more effort, moreover, from the comfort of the home. In such cases, Mytutorhub can be your best solution. 

Let me tell you how

  • You logged in to our platform, choosing the parent account. 
  • You will be asked to fill in the necessary details related to your kid and their educational preference. 
  • The next step is to create your kid’s Mytutorhub account, where the tutors can connect with them directly, assign the homework, conduct tests and upload the related study material.
  • Give yourself the authority of the account; with that, you will be able to track their progress and performance, also see worksheet results. 
  • Once everything is set up, go through the profiles of educators you find suitable.
  • The plus point, using Mytutorhub is that you can hire educators residing in different countries.

Have 1:1 Conversion with educators, put all your queries upfront- Be it related to homework and other curricular activities. Make sure their time availability matches with your kid’s time. 

Other things as a parent you need to consider is the background of the tutor and how much teaching experience he/she has. Go through their social media accounts and check their testimonials; this will help you in knowing more about them. You may need to select the one that fulfills your requirements and give the right tutoring assistance to your kid. 

Looking for a tutor who dedicatedly works toward your child’s academic development and is also good in nature.

Here we have listed the five major things you need to consider when hiring an online tutor for your kid’s homework. 

1. Concepts clarity:

The primary motivation for getting online homework help is to gain a better understanding of the topic matter. It’s pointless to hire tutors who can’t answer questions from students on the spot. In order to achieve better, students must be capable of understanding the subject in depth. Hence, it’s important when the online tutor himself has a better understanding of the concept and is able to convey it to the student. In addition, if a student has a question about the topics being taught, the tutor must have sufficient understanding to answer the query.

2. Subject Expertise:

If a student is having trouble with a particular subject, the first priority should be to hire online tutors who are knowledgeable in that area. If your child struggles with math, for example, look for online tutors who have at least a master’s degree in mathematics. This will assist students in receiving better-guided assistance and will allow them to solve problems more quickly.

3. Flexible teaching hours:

Students should have access to online tutors 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for academic help and homework help. Make sure to confirm a tutor’s availability and teaching hours before hiring them online. Students’ availability is an important issue that can have an impact on their learning. It is also the tutors’ job to keep the students informed about schedule changes. 

4. Student-teacher equation:

Students should feel completely comfortable discussing their questions and ideas with the online tutor on any academic topic. The teacher, on the other hand, should focus on making the student feel at ease in order to continue easy communication. The compatibility of students and teachers is critical in determining the quality of academic support and homework assistance. The biggest benefit is that students will be able to concentrate more on their studies and will not be afraid to ask questions.

5. Quality of communication:

Parents have already begun to feel a pinch of pressure since the start of the school year. This year, what new academic challenges will their children bring home with them? Students’ stress levels can rise as they try to strike a balance between academic growth and completing assignment deadlines. However, with the advent of online tutoring, finding tutors  has become a simple and straightforward task.

From the above listed factors, we can conclude that enrolling your student on an online tutoring platform like Mytutorhub gives them the right direction in improving their academic performance. 

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