COVID 19 curve is nowhere near flattening. The schools are also reopening taking all precautions and from time to time flips between in-person and remote models. However, the dilemma is conducting online classes for preschoolers.  There are many factors to be considered as too much screen time can impact language and brain development. It has also been linked to sleep disorders and obesity. So screen time will have to be limited whenever possible. Another issue is their short attention span.

It has been observed that preschool children can learn effectively over virtual tutoring. You would need to be more creative while imparting your lessons. The challenge would be creating a strong emotional virtual bond like in person. They can learn more effectively through short live interactions in a virtual classroom rather than only through audio and video resources. Family participation during classes is advisable but not mandatory.

Although children do learn from interactions in video chat but may not be able to transfer the learning in real-world situations. This is another area which can be of concern. For example, the teacher may show a variety of leaves on screen to students but then will have to request the parents to take them outside to find leaves and show on camera.

You will have to bring in variety through interactive games, story telling sessions, sing songs etc. Break the day up with aerobics, physical activity and brain breaks. Through the right technology and family involvement, preschool children can learn remotely too.

Source: Ed Surge