Every parent wants to give the best of education to their child. Before they join the kindergarten it would be a good idea to expose them to reading till it becomes a habit. A habit that needs to be cultivated. No, we are not suggesting that you go around looking for english tutors.  Following apps can help develop reading skills in them.


This app comes with 25,000 books with read-along technology, games etc. to keep your child engaged and interested.

Sight Words Learning Games

This app will help children develop a grip over elementary words through action sight words games and flash cards

Vocabulary Spelling City

This can be particularly helpful for parents homeschooling their children. This is a quality reading tool. You can set up a year long word study playlist and activities to keep your child busy, focused and develop reading habits.

Writing Wizard-Kids Learn to Write Letters & Words

This app can be customized to help children practice tracing letters, numbers and words while learning letter names with phonetic sounds through audio and visual prompts. 


Designed for children between the ages of two to eight and is equipped with age appropriate tasks. 

Kids Reading Sight Words Lite

This app can develop your child’s vocabulary through story based fun activities.  

 Endless Reader

Children learn to recognize important sight words through puzzles and letters that come alive to teach them how they are spelt. 

Bob Books Reading Magic #1

Even a two year old can use the drag and drop interface of this app and learn to read with phonic based interactive games

There are many more such reading apps like Kids Story Books Free, Learn to read Monkey Junior, Learn to Read with Tommy Turtle, Goodreads etc that can instil reading habits in children and such interactive and fun activities based apps aim at catching them young.

Source: Ed Tech Review