Why do you need an online admission system? Name any institute, college, university or school, their life source is students. One of the most significant times of the year for any school and college is the student admission season as this determines how the institute will perform for the rest of the academic year. But as the number of applicants keeps increasing every year, the admission processes also keep getting more and more complex. 

This calls for an automated system where the manual work is as less as possible and that is why a lot of institutes and schools are investing in an efficient and easy-to-use online admission system that can help them streamline all their enquiries and grow their admission rate too. Here are the following advantages of adopting an online admission system:

  1. Convenience is always in demand

An online admission system makes sure that both applicant and the institute have the convenience of respectively applying and accepting anytime and anywhere, considering they have the basic necessities — computer/mobile and an internet connection. Forget about courier delays, unclear handwriting, bank visits for NEFT, etc. If you have applied somewhere traditionally or tried to manage an admission process, you know the hassle and the headache. Well, you can say goodbye to that!

  1. Easy on the logistics

The traditional admission process has so many requirements of stationery items and even those are very specific, and you keep running out of papers or the right colour ink and whatnot. Everything changes when you switch from offline to online. You have your digital form which you can easily fill and it even tells you which fields are mandatory. Instant acknowledgement and an easy system make your logistics easier.

  1. Accuracy and efficiency goes up

Let’s be honest, offline paperwork is not as reliable as online digital forms. The error rate in offline work is always high and if you have seen university officials going through thousands of paper applications each day, you might have an idea of the fatigue and monotony that they have to endure. Even after that, the accuracy and efficiency are not up to the mark. These errors can affect someone’s career so they can’t be taken lightly. 

  1. Save time, save money

With tasks as huge as the administrative process of a university or a school, time is everything. It’s only smart to opt for automated and simplified software that can not only save time but also make things more organized and efficient for everyone. Tasks like collecting, distributing and correcting forms, shortlisting, etc. stop being a headache and become easily manageable. With a streamlined process where you get all the enquiries on a platform and your counsellors can mark the activity then and there will help you get in organized in a better way and hence improves the admission rate too. 

  1. Security is a must

Online admission software lets schools store the digital data of applicants in secure servers without affecting the privacy of their data. However, keeping it all offline requires handling bundles of files and constantly checking and updating it manually which is a great hassle and tedious task to do. 

  1. Everyone wants to be cost-effective

When you have an online admission system, you don’t need to invest a lot of money in advertisements and infrastructure. Since all the work is handled by the software, you don’t need an extra workforce and you can save on additional expenses. Paying for an offline admission system annually costs you more than the online admission system so the latter is more cost-effective. 

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