Many students aspire to receive A+ grades each year, but only a small percentage of them achieve, because most students are average and receive average grades, therefore if you don’t want to be an average student, you should avoid doing what average students do by: 

1. Being able to learn in your own way 

2. Being aware of what A+ students do 

The first step to being an above-average student is to study hard. This can take a lot of time and effort, and it may not be very beneficial in the end. 

The second method is the focus of this essay, which is to show you what A+ students do so that you can do the same. 

6 Tips to Get an A+ In All Subjects

Study first thing in the morning: You should get up before any other student and study first thing in the morning after eating breakfast, because a scientific fact demonstrates that a student has the most physical vitality and concentration power in the morning, especially before dawn. You will have the most physical energy and concentration power when studying if you do it this way.

Continue to sit for as long as possible to study: many students may sit for a few hours and then abandon their studies because they are bored. To sit for as long as possible, you’ll need to find creative ways to learn without becoming bored. One of these clever techniques to avoid boredom is to study a different subject every hour and take a 10- to 20-minute break after each hour of study. Another clever study strategy is to switch to a fun subject after each tedious hour, ensuring that you spend the most time studying.

Study from any trustworthy outside sources: You should not only study from your notes, school books, or references; you should also study from any trusted outside sources that will provide you with a different viewpoint on your subject than the books. 

Research the parts you don’t understand: reading other students’ perspectives on similar questions you don’t understand while studying can lead to you having different answers for the same question, transforming you from a novice to an expert on the subject; you can search in Yahoo Answers, Wikipedia, or simply Google for what you want to know more about.

Take notes for the questions you want to ask: when studying, you will have a lot of questions. Taking notes for these questions and spending time with your teacher or professor to get answers might help you flourish in this topic. 

6. Once you start, don’t quit: There are a variety of reasons why a student would want to stop studying, including: 

a. Having a false sense of confidence in the topic after receiving strong grades in mid-year tests 

b. Having the impression that you are smarter than others when you correctly answer the teacher’s questions 

b. Feeling helpless to study after receiving lower-than-expected grades 

b. Studying procrastination and laziness 

To earn A+ grades in school, you must study hard in the appropriate method, as this article will demonstrate.