A neat and legible handwriting is always a pleasure to read but acquiring one is a matter of practice.  While the parents worry about their ward’s ‘h’ and ‘n’ looking similar, the children wonder why they need to improve their handwriting when everything is digital these days including online tutoring. True, digital tools have minimized the role of hand writing things however, one still needs to hand write the exams and here possessing good handwriting has an advantage. 

Following are the excerpts of what India’s leading graphologist – Pavan Badllani has to say to build upon a child’s handwriting skills. 

Doodling is beneficial. It will help improve hand-eye coordination and manoeuvring your pen or pencil smoothly over paper.  So next time they doodle, do not discourage them. 

While writing in cursive, students should not overdo the degree of slant in their handwriting. Although writing in a slanting manner helps them write faster but excessively tilted handwriting is difficult to read. Focus has to be on legible handwriting. 

Positioning of the paper while writing depends on which is your dominant hand. For a right handed student a left-angled or vertical page position will be beneficial and for the left handed, angle the paper more to the right. Whichever position or angle improves the handwriting is the right position. 

Encourage students to completely close the letters as in ‘a’ ‘o’ ‘b’ ‘d’ etc else it will be difficult to comprehend what they have written. 

Make a conscious effort to ask children to start writing bigger initially. It will be easy to spot wrong formation or consistency. 

Possessing a good handwriting is a pleasure on its own but in its pursuit remember not to force the child to the extent that disturbs him. 

Source: Ryan Group of institutions