Every university, college, institute and school is competing for student enrollment, retention and better response overall. When so many institutes are offering similar programmes – and here comes the part that we’re all tired of reading but it’s still true – how do you stand out? How do you make sure students stay around and recommend it to others? How do you make sure more young aspirants want to enrol in your school? 

Today’s educational landscape is not the way it was before 2020; before it got altered by the pandemic. This new development has enrolment administrators using multiple strategies to meet their enrolment goals. So, how do they know which strategies will work without wasting much time and effort? 

No need to go running through tons of sites or pages because we’ve done the research for you. Here’s a list of 5 best practices for better response and enrollment rates that are sure to work.

  1. Be active and respond first

When students or parents are hunting for colleges, universities or schools they research and consider multiple options for admission. In doing so, they send several information requests. According to one student survey on enquirers’ expectations, 5% of students expect a response in less than a day, 40% expect in 1 to 3 days, 40% expect within 1 week and 15% expect in over 2 weeks. 

A simple and great way to stand out is making it your goal to respond either immediately or as soon as possible. If you make sure of this, you are making a good impression and showing that you are reliable and willing to help. 

  1. Just a little bit of personal touch

Another effective way to increase the number of replies is to personalize the messages you send. Yes, an automatic response is a huge time-saver. But who’s asking you to type every message manually? You can automate it with the ERP software that can do the job for you. You can send an automated personalized message to each and every inquirer. And, if you still want to go that extra mile, you can personalize the whole message manually and have it unique for everyone even if it means responding a little late. It’s your call to make. 

  1. Replying calls for a follow-up

One problem that keeps coming up is that after an enquiry is made, the communication train stops. You expect a response back from a lead and crickets. The best thing to do in this scenario is follow up again because it’s natural for people to be busy or miss a mail/call. When you follow up, you’re letting them know that you take their time seriously and you respect each request. These little things leave an impression even if they don’t enrol eventually. Positive word-of-mouth does wonders in the long run for any institute. 

  1. Students are your focus

It doesn’t come as a surprise that a lot of schools or colleges talk about what they have to offer, why students should pick them, etc. But it isn’t as effective as you’d like to believe. You might be surprised that when your communication is focused on the student, the response rate increases by 50%. 

  1. Go for the mobile-first enrollment 

We all are aware by now that your website is the first go-to for any interested student or parent. As the whole education industry has been involved in digitization it’s highly important to adopt an online admission process in school too. People research on either their phone or laptop. If you’re still not boarding the mobile-first application train for the admission or management process, then consider it. There’s a reason every other institute is doing so, especially after the pandemic. The mobile application makes the whole process easy, convenient and makes you more accessible and approachable for prospective students.