Have you realized the importance of school management software (ERP) and looking for one? But what features should you look for? If that’s on your mind these days, then we’ve got your back. Before we get into the functionality of it all, let’s look at the overall filtering criteria. It’ll come in handy to pick the number and type of features in any school management software. 

What type of school are you running? 

If you compare small schools, academies and K12 schools with colleges and other higher educational institutions, they have different requirements. Although some core processes are common in most types of schools – students, teachers, classes and subjects. Everyone needs to track attendance and some basic timetable management. Make sure you are considering it all before going forward. 

Who’s going to use this ERP?

You might be the one searching for and finalizing the software but your decision will affect some people. So, make sure to have the intention of making it easier for them so they can provide quality work. It should be a priority that teachers, students and even parents get to experience an improved academic/educational reality.

What about budget and the learning journey?

With all things considered, it will come down to two deciding factors: Budget and the learning curve for your students. Because low cost ensures that the decision you make will be based on the school’s budget. On the other hand, a steep learning curve leaves no room for frustration for you and your partners.

So, what are the 5 must-have features you should look for in a school management software?

Admission process

It’s impossible for you to look for a school management software and not think of this. The software must have everything needed for the complete process of admission. From the online form filling to compiling all data, interviewing options, examination options, etc. This feature will save huge piles of paperwork and the time and effort of the institute.

Teacher management

Of course, it’s important to be able to create teacher profiles, the same way you do with your students. Having all of the teachers’ data gathered in one place and being able to assign them to classes is a must. Not only that, you need to manage their attendance, breaks, productivity, holidays, leaves, payrolls, etc. This makes calculating and releasing salaries easier.

Cloud facilitation

A good ERP is always cloud-based with browser-based accessibility. It makes the accessibility of data from any location easily accessible. The data is more secure this way. It also facilitates scalability and plenty of other benefits. You should always go for a cloud-based or SAAS based software for schools and other educational institutions.

Fee Tracking and Online Payment

Fee management is one of the most tedious processes that every school accounts department goes through. The software also has the feature of online billing and payment which also sends the receipts to the parents automatically. This makes the whole process of fee payment hassle-free at both ends.


When we talk about communication, we are talking about being able to notify both the student and the staff about school news and notifications like fees dues, exams, upcoming holidays and other information. You can use various mediums like email, SMS, push notifications and even uploading necessary information along the lines of a bulletin board.