With no respite from the spread of CoronaVirus, continuing with online learning remains the only option. Online tutoring services also offer equally flexible and interactive learning opportunities to teachers and students. Infact, concepts can be better explained with the help of digital resources.

First and foremost, understand the various digital tools available and plan your lessons accordingly. Online tutoring may not be your comfort area but it is important to understand its features and utilities. Only then will you be digitally empowered to make your class fun and effective.

Students, on the other hand, need to open their minds to e-learning and create space within their homes which is distraction free and has a strong internet connection.

Teachers can use the breakout room feature to create opportunities for students for some real-time interaction during the online class, thereby, recreating an offline environment. Chat features can be used by both students and teachers to interact with each other without interrupting the teaching flow.

Whether online or offline, students have to be assessed for their understanding of the subject regularly. Keep asking questions from the students to make sure they are understanding and paying attention. Give periodic assignments, tests, quizzes etc.

Source: EdTech Review