To assist you in creating this type of experience, we decided to write this post and compile the top three components of the admissions process, which have helped schools not only increase conversions but also improve brand perception. Working on these elements can help you enhance your school’s admissions process, make it more efficient, and provide parents with an amazing experience even before their child is admitted.

1. Simplify your inquiry process:

For prospective parents, this is the first point of contact where they express interest in your school and sign up for the admissions process. The intricacy of filling out the inquiry/admission form is one factor that generally ruins the experience at this point. Make certain you get this correct. It should be as simple as possible. Make your form more accessible by posting it online, in the school, or even in the mail, so that parents may apply from anywhere and at any time. Break your form down into stages to make it easier to fill out. Get the most important information early, and then at various stages throughout the admissions process.

2. Maintain interest in your admissions inquiries:

This is your finest chance to give him an experience that will help you convert whenever the parent files the application form and begins the route from inquiry to admission. But keep in mind that this is one of the most crucial periods of your journey. At this step, it is critical that you provide the most relevant knowledge for the parent and offer it in a way that allows the parent to visualise their child’s growth path with your school. Do it in an entertaining style so that parents are engaged and digest the information in order to make an informed decision for their child. Here are some suggestions for you to consider at this time:

  • Do live events on pertinent topics such as parenting, cleanliness, fitness, job advancement, and so on. 
  • The goal is to leverage all necessary channels, including as social media, WhatsApp, SMS, and so on, to guarantee that this journey becomes a storey in which the parents can image their child as an integral part of it, assisting them in making a decision.
  •  Make sure you have a competent strategy in place for distributing these pieces of content. Don’t overburden your parents’ WhatsApp or SMS accounts with so much content that, rather than enriching the experience, you utterly spoil it. 
  • Consciously choose the sharing interval and days.

3. Follow up and make sure there are no communication gaps:

Communication is crucial throughout the process of transforming an admission inquiry into an actual admission. Make sure you have the right people and rules in place to ensure that your follow-ups on the inquiries are real and balanced, and that no information is missed by parents. Ensure that the parents are kept informed at every level of the process, and follow up a second time to confirm that they have gotten the necessary information. A minor misunderstanding could result in a prospective parent losing their child’s admission and someone else gaining it, potentially causing chaos later.