Every school now need a smart school management system in order to function. Without a question. It performs a variety of critical functions to ensure that school administration works properly. Through a centralised platform, instructors, staff, and other external parties can effortlessly collaborate. 

It doesn’t end there, though. The school, kids, and parents can all communicate using this system. 

These points may reassure you if your institution is considering deploying the system!

With only a few clicks, you can keep track of your attendance. 

One of the system’s most basic, yet extremely valuable functions is the ability to track and assess students’ attendance. It allows teachers to automatically create reports with various matrices. 

Teachers can also use the SMS/Email tool to notify parents if their children are missing class. As a result, the parents are aware that their children’s illness or leave notice has been received. It can also notify them if their children are missing lessons without their permission. Surprisingly, this simple function also serves as a disciplinary tool.

(Online) Materials that are better organised 

Students can use this platform to obtain, post, and finish assignments, notes, and projects. If both systems are used at the same time, the system is accessible. As long as they are approved, they can attach various types of papers to the system. 

It also allows them to go over previous lectures by simply viewing the resources that have been published. If the school provides adequate technology, they won’t even need to carry all of their heavy textbooks in their backpack. It’s past time to pay more attention to the health of our children’s backbones!

Exam Management that is Improved 

Another aspect that distinguishes this system is its ability to assist teachers in the recording of tests. Teachers might benefit from the system because it keeps track of pupils’ grades. They can then generate and calculate the performance of students throughout the semester. 

Teachers can post the results right away for students and their parents to see.

Payment of Fees is Simple 

Usually, at the start of the semester, the bank is full with parents or students waiting in line to pay their school tuition. Fortunately, the system currently has an online payment option. 

Thanks to the SMS/Email feature, which delivers notifications about unpaid fees, it is an excellent way to reduce late payment concerns.

Communication that works 

This system contains a feature that allows parents, students, instructors, and school administrators to communicate with ease. Sending out SMS, emails, or specific notifications about school activities is no longer a hassle. You do not need to manually enter recipient information because it is already saved in the system.

Tracking a School Bus 

The system enables the school to keep track of the vehicle’s location. It also schedules car maintenance to extend the vehicle’s life cycle. Taking care of the vehicle will increase parent trust in the school because they will know their children’s safety is in good hands. 

Assist Students with Admission 

The beginning of the semester is frequently regarded as one of the most stressful times of the academic year. Hundreds to thousands of student applications must be processed. Fortunately, the system assists schools in eliminating such turmoil by introducing an online admissions procedure. Prospective students simply upload all relevant documents to the system, which the school may review without fear of the documents being lost.

Once the students have been accepted, their personal information and any papers they have supplied are saved in the system. They can access it at any time, even after they graduate. Finally, the system reduces errors caused by human error, as well as lost or duplicated papers. 

It is also available to parents. 

The school administration system establishes direct contact between schools and parents. It provides parents with information on their children’s growth and learning progress without them having to wait until the end of the semester or a parent-teacher conference. 

From the students’ performance to their ongoing initiatives, all information is available at any moment. As a result, parents and teachers can work together to fulfil their responsibilities as educators of the kids.

Staff Management that is Effective 

Not only do teachers gain, but the HR department’s workflow efficiency improves as well. They can easily maintain track of other employees’ attendance, vacations, performance, and salary calculations. As a result, they may devote more time to maintaining the well-being of instructors, boosting overall staff performance, and making better hiring selections. 

Inventory Management that Works 

Some schools feature a store where students can purchase products like school supplies, uniforms, and books. Inventory management allows the school to keep track of available stock, goods that are about to run out, and automatically generate purchase order requests.


With its broad features, the school management system is significant since it facilitates school administration. If you’re still seeking for a system that will work effectively for your school’s operations, you can request a free demo of our Smart school management system here.